First Day of School!

On Tuesday (July 2) I taught my first class at the Colombo. I have 8 students, almost all of whom are in their early 20’s and attending college at a local university. The class is 2 hours long, but it goes by really quickly.  We have class Monday-Friday, 6:30-8:30pm. I’ll get more classes too, but I still don’t know what they are. Stay tuned.

Things that have surprised me about my teaching job:

  • I liked being addressed as “teacher.” Yesterday, a student asked me if he could call me Becky. I surprised myself when I swiftly responded, “no.” Side note: It’s common here for students to address the teacher as “teacher,” unlike in the U.S. where we call our teacher, Ms. Mr. Mrs. Smith.
  • Even though teaching a 2-hour class is like being on stage for 2 hours, it’s surprisingly not draining
  • I actually don’t like making classroom art/decoration stuff – it takes so much time!
  • I don’t have to teach grammar . All of our students have already learned grammar in school, so as a teacher at the Colombo, it’s my job to create exercises that allow students to practice using  what they already know.

Things I struggle with:

  • Spelling – I’ve never been good at it. Students often correct me when I’m writing on the board. In my defense, the words I misspelled yesterday were toughies – entrepreneur and unnoticed (it’s weird that “unnoticed” has 2 n’s!)
  • It has been a childhood dream of mine to use the teachers’ laminating machine, so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out we don’t have one at the Colombo. If we want to preserve a piece of paper or a cut-out, we have to use contact paper?! #oldschool
  • I can’t cut a piece of paper in a straight line, so making classroom artsy-stuff is actually more frustrating than it is fun


Here is a glimpse of my classroom from my first day



Me and the two other foreign teachers (they’re from India) – note our uniforms!


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