Last weekend I went to Manizales with some friends.

Manizales is known for being a university town and a hotspot for young travelers. Walking around the city, I definitely got that vibe. There are also some telltale signs of the robust tourism in Manizales – for example, some restaurants print their menu in Spanish and English (something I’ve never seen in Armenia).

Manizales is embedded in the mountains, so while the sun can be strong, the air is nice and cool. Also, since most of the streets run up and down the mountain, there are many steep, winding roads.

What I liked best about Manizales was the fantastic view from the top of the city. The place where everyone goes for the best view is called Chipre. It’s nice and breezy there. Many families were spending the afternoon flying kites. I didn’t get any good shots that captured the atmosphere of the afternoon, but here are some photos of the landscape.



This is me with my friend Juan David posing for a picture 






We stayed at Chipre long enough to see the sunset, which was beautiful!








There are plenty more photos where these came from, so if you want to see the full collection, just let me know.

Manizales is just a two-hour bus ride from Armenia, so if you’re interested in seeing Manizales for yourself when you come to visit, I’d definitely be up for going back.



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